November 2018


The Common Mistakes We Make When Rug-shopping

Rugs are a great way to add style to your home. The coziness of having rugs is yet another reason why people love them. So, if you were having any second thoughts of getting rugs, this article might’ve changed it.Adding a rug to spice up our interior might be a brilliant idea. But, it is not as easy as it looks. Finding the perfect rug is almost impossible. The key reason for this is that there are so many mistakes that we make when we go rug shopping. No matter how much excited we are about our new rug, once we place it we start to regret it. To avoid such a disaster we have put together the mistakes that we need to avoid.

Lacks focus on the room

The biggest mistake that we do when we go rug shopping is that we divert our total focus toward the rug. We tend to be concerned about its color, design, pattern and so. But, we forget all about our room picking up some finest floor rugs just because it looks “pretty” is not the best way to choose rugs. You need to consider about the room or the space that you are planning to place the rug in. Think about the furniture located in the room, the color of the room and other decors. You need to make sure the rug matches the setting. You don’t want it to be a total alien piece. Also, don’t forget about the size of the room. We get too excited that we buy the wrong size. You need the rug to be the right size, not too big and not too small. Before you go rug shopping make sure you measure the space.

Opt for the cheaper option

Let’s face it, if we really want a good rug that we will actually like we might want to spend a bit more than we expect. Rugs can be expensive too. Whether you are looking for quality pink rugs, cotton rugs, round rugs or any rug for that matter, you should stop thinking about the price. The moment you opt for a cheaper, you will be doing a great mistake. The reason for this is that cheap rugs aren’t durable nor do they look very pretty. If you really want a rug that is worth it you might want to spend a little extra. Unless, of course, you get lucky and find the perfect rug for a great price. This is a rare opportunity. So, don’t expect such luck always. Looking for a high quality rugs for your floor you can visit this page in such details.

Don’t have a clue

If you are not sure about what kind of rug you are looking for you will find yourself in a rat chase. You need to go through the space and the possible rug designs. This way you will have an idea of what you are looking. These are just a few common mistakes that we do when we go searching for the perfect rug. If you really want that perfect rug you might want to avoid the above mentioned mistakes.

Online Florists

A lot of businesses have used electronic commerce base to bring diversity and ease to customers like clothing, electronics, shoes, gift items and now flowers too. It is an innovative way to sell the same thing available on streets just by a scroll or tap on the phone. Florist shops are easy to locate but not most of them operate through proper shops some just have a moveable stand or trolley through which they can sell in different areas and this is why you might problem getting their availability. Street florists might not always have fresh flowers and they use rose water sprays to make them look fresh also the water holders are sometimes too soft to withstand.

Online florist Brisbane start their business on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram , Snapchat and have a websites with proper order forms and if customers want to customize their bouquets by adding different flowers or accessories like net wrapping sheet in different colors, chocolates, props etc. Another competitive advantage that online florists have over traditional florists is that they capture customer’s sentiments and their demand by using each occasion or event as a business opportunity. The new trend of online flowers comes in different types, some sell imported real flowers as a single piece which’s fragrance remains for years it is placed in a glass container with a wooden base, it is expensive but worth buying as a beautiful gift item. The second innovation they have brought is by using printed cases of black and white colors in rectangular shapes with lush red, white flowers packed tightly and in between each flower placed with a chocolate of Ferrero Rochers. They have started adding stands to these bouquets with a printed balloon on the top which says “Happy Mother’s Day”, “Happy Father’s Day” and “Happy Birthday”.

Online florists take orders 1 to 2 days prior to the event and some are also available on the same day for delivery which is a standard order. They also place a note card to your order based for the occasion you ordered it for with extra ribbons to make it look charming and special. It has cash on delivery option or online bank transfer facility to enhance ease for customers.  You can get it delivered to another address and give your loved ones a splendid surprise. The trend of online selling reduces inventory costs and infrastructure costs like rental charges, electricity charges, and staff charges and also reduces wastage costs because small online businesses have resources that cater at time of the order only so to maintain it all the time is an expense and requires time and effort too. It is attracting youth more towards it because other age group don’t consider buying flowers a very fancy task like any bouquets of flowers would do the work but innovation and creativity is always needed to make events special. Click here for a same day delivery florist.

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