Protect Your Precious Photos Forever

All the important occasions, events and memories in our life are normally catered as photographs. If you need to check out your good old memories, you just need to take your picture albums and go through it. There is one problem with the photos placed in the albums. You will have to take out the album flip through the pages in order to find the required snap. A better alternative to this is to frame the photograph and you can see the picture every day. There is a more realistic framing option that is on offer these days and you can bid goodbye to the conventional frames that you have used. It is dealt in detailed below.

What is it?

The modern day framing option is the photo mounting blocks. It is a unique technique by which the expert will mount the picture on a block of timber or MDF or acrylic to add liveliness to the picture. It brings an aesthetic appeal to the snap and is one of the best ways to display your good old memories. By using this, you do not need to think of the old fashioned picture frames and your picture will now be displayed in a frame less work. Using acrylic or glass will give the image a three dimensional look and the picture can be protected for ages.

Huge popularity

The photo mounting blocks are commonly used to frame artwork and personal photographs. There have been several businesses taking advantage of this modern method of framing and using them as marketing pieces in public places. You will often see commercial advertisements mounted on walls, of shopping malls, theatres and other public places. It is different from the normal commercial signage and there is no need to use the usual frames to set it up and display.


The following are some of the benefits as to why this method of framing a picture is very popular among homeowners, interior designers and photography enthusiasts.

• The picture incorporated in the block is completely frameless and can be made in different sizes.

• The picture will not be damaged due to harsh weather conditions as it is laminated. It will be protected for years to come.

• You have the option of customizing the photographs to match the décor of your home or office. You can choose the look and feel you want for your pictures.


You can make your home or office look complete by using the mounted photographs and pictures. It will help in increasing the aesthetic look of your home or office at an affordable price. It is time for you to take out the important pictures out of the album and get them to block mounted quickly.

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