Throwing A Graduation Party At Home

Graduation is a great event in one’s life. Four or more years of hard work pays off and most of you are about to start your first real, serious job. Some may go on to start their own business also. Graduation is an occasion to be celebrated and most of the time, the family of the graduands will take care of it. It could be the friends or the colleagues too. Whoever the organizers are, the party has to be a grand celebration and there needs to be a fair amount of planning.

Planning the party

When you are planning a graduation party first decide whether it is going to be a surprise party or not. If it is to be a shock to the graduate, better not have it at home, or make sure the person is out of home at the time preparations are going on. If you are planning it at home make sure you source food from outside as cooking it all at home can make the graduate suspicious of what is going on. It is easier to order from outside and you can choose different types of dishes. If you are planning a party and the person knows about it already you can order a delivery of chocolate bouquets or a flower bunch to give them a surprise.

Reduce costs

There are many methods now to have a cost-efficient party. You can order décors in advance through online shops; or you can buy the raw materials such as paper and balloons and do a DIY (Do It Yourself) to make them yourself. You can try the same for invitations too. Some special food which the graduate likes can be homemade which will be a special treat to that person. Clear an area at home and arrange chairs and tables. Outside is better as dirtying of inside home can be a headache. Use paper plates and cups so the costs will be low. It will also be a nod to the modern sustainability initiatives. Hire a DJ or you can now use computer software to play a collection of music you already have.

Day itself

You can have a theme for the party to make it more attractive. Using a colour theme will be easier and more vibrant. Also try serving special uncommon desserts such as chocolate flowers. That will add a distinct touch to the table and you can get them delivered. Order a cake with “congratulations” in it and alight it with candles for the graduating student to blow off. Use a friend or a colleague as a photographer; you can get the soft copies of the pictures and choose what to print. Going for a package deal on things like that can be costly. Organize some games so the participants won’t be bored. A graduate needs all the support he or she can get, to start a new life in the industry. It is your duty to make that commencement a happy occasion.

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